How We Impact

Maternal & Newborn Health

  • Assisted over 21,000 referred pregnant women with potential complications to deliver safely through SNEHA-initiated referral networks.
  • Reached out to nearly 4,500 pregnant women through home visits, providing periodic counselling during pregnancy and after childbirth.
  • Trained over 3,000 public healthcare providers (doctors and nurses) on clinical aspects of maternal and neonatal care and effective communication.
  • Trained over 2,900 government outreach workers over the years to address maternal and neonatal health in communities.

Child Health & Nutrition

  • Screened about 24,000 children under 3 years children for malnutrition in Dharavi.
  • Counsel 4200 pregnant women on Antenatal Care (ANC) and Infant and Young Child Feeding indicators (IYCF).
  • Reduced wasting in less than 2 year old children by 18% between 2011 - 2014.
  • Provides continuous training and capacity building to over 500 government health workers, improving uptake of Government 'Take Home Rations' to pregnant women and children by 40%.

Empowerment, Health & Sexuality of Adolescents (EHSAS)

  • Provided health and life skills education to over 10,000 adolescents and youth.
  • Provided vocational training to over 5,000 youth.
  • Percentage increase in knowledge on gender and health amongst adolescents was 20% and 21% in of of our intervention areas.
  • Anaemia pilot study initiated among 300 adolescents.
  • Formation of 10 volunteer youth groups, involving about 120 children for reportage on prevention on violence and community advocacy.

Prevention of Violence Against Women & Children

  • Addressed over 5,000 cases of violence.
  • Trained and sensitized 4,500 police officers and cadets in Mumbai.
  • Trained over 2,100 public hospital staff to identify violence victims among patients.
  • Set up 3 Women's OPDs in large public hospitals for counselling and crisis intervention.
  • 300 Community Women volunteers (Sanginis) trained to identify, intervene and refer cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV).
  • Work with 120 men to identify to intervene and liase with the public system to report cases of sexual violence in the public domain.