Sexual & Reproductive Health

The Sexual and Reproductive Health program aims to empower adolescent girls and married women in urban slums with the right information and skills that enable them to make informed decisions about their health and in particular their sexual and reproductive health and their family size.

The Adolescents Gaining Ground project works to orient adolescents to become self - confident, well - informed and responsible decision makers of their general health especially their sexual and reproductive health and to create advocates in the community.

The Family planning Program works with married women to help reduce unplanned pregnancies and also works to increase the uptake of modern methods of contraception. This is done through peer educators in the community.

Agg - Adolescents Gaining Ground


  • 1500 girls and 300 boys have completed the program in this phase. Beneficiaries have demonstrated positive thinking, improved self - esteem and decision - making, improvement in negotiation skills, ability to stand up to abuse, improved menstrual hygiene and improved diets.
  • Over 35 young community women have been trained as facilitators and educators since the start of the programme. The experience has been empowering and transformational for these women.
  • Scaled up the existing Girls Gaining Ground project and made a pioneering effort to extend the project to boys.
  • Partnered with the Government of India's SABLA program as a training agency in their pilot phase.

Family Planning


  • 90% of all users have obtained their family planning method directly from peer educators or on account of a referral by them and use of modern spacing methods of contraception has more than doubled
  • Ensured coverage of every married woman in the community
  • Formed an effective partnership with Family Planning Association of India for procurement of contraceptives and mobile clinic services
  • Highly motivated and committed team of trained peer educators working on a very sensitive issue
  • The first community event received an overwhelming response from community women and was covered by NDTV and Loksatta newspaper

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