Romila Palliative care

Romila Palliative Care

In January 2017, SNEHA launched 'Romila Palliative Care', to support patients with life-limiting illnesses, primarily those with cancer. 'Romila’ means 'heartfelt’ and symbolizes the loving, compassionate and competent care that this project hopes to provide patients to enable them to live a life of dignity and hope through their illness. It will also support their family and care-givers to help them look after the patient better, with greater assurance and confidence.

The term 'Palliative Care’ conjures up a depressing image: a situation where there is no hope and when everyone seems to have given up. However at Romila Palliative Care, we want to retain the ray of sunshine and infuse patients’ lives with positive energy. Their lives matter to us.

The essence of palliative care is to improve the quality of life of patients with life threatening illness through a "patient centric” approach. It covers pain relief and prevention and treatment of symptoms, improves doctor–patient communication, provides psychosocial and spiritual support and addresses practical aspects like support to care givers and managing fears, hopes and worries. Palliative care is crucial through the life-cycle of the illness - it starts with diagnosis, continues throughout the treatment and in some unfortunate cases, at the end of life and also post life grievance support.

At Romila Palliative Care, we have a full-fledged team of doctors, nurses and counselors, specially trained in Palliative Care, working with nutritionists, physiotherapists and other professionals, to deliver quality care to the patient, their family and care-givers.

RomilaPalliative care also recognizes the importance of addressing the concerns and needs of the patient’s family. Caregivers also need reassurance and support and information during these difficult times of the illness. We will help them deal with the psychosocial and spiritual issues that such illnesses bring to the fore.

SNEHA has initiated the Romila Palliative Care clinic adjoining the Holy Family Hospital, Bandra, Mumbaiand will also provide home based care, initially in Bandra and extend to other suburbs over time.

​In case you would like to find out more about Romila Palliative Care, please write to Pouru Wadia or call +912265906333 and +919029006333