Sanjeevan Mobile Health Van - Siemens and SNEHA

Sanjeevan Mobile Clinic

Sanjeevan Mobile Clinic is a joint venture project with SNEHA andSiemens started in November 2015. The collaboration aims at setting up mobile health services to improve the access to Primary Health Care Services in unreached informal settlements of Kalyan - Dombivali Municipal Corporations (KDMC).

Services Delivered

  • Curative services.
  • Diagnostic services.
  • Promotive and Preventive services.
  • Referral and follow up.

Impact (November 2015 - May 2016)

  • 6470 patients have accessed primary health care services at the clinic for the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections,reproductive tract infection, skin diseases, blood pressure, Diabetes.
  • 1666 pathology screeningswere done across 873 patients.
  • Reached out to 1330 beneficiaries through 99 awareness health sessions on hand wash and sanitation, Maternal and Newborn Health, Family planning, Antenatal care and Checkup communicable and non communicable diseasesby the use of visual aids.
  • 105 pregnant women accessed Ante Natal Care services and received supplements of iron and calcium. They were also monitored for abdominal aches, hemoglobin levels, blood pressure, height and weight, fetal Heart Rate and other issues encountered during pregnancy.

Case Story

Transformed Lives

Meena (name changed), aged 56, lives in Jyoti Nagar of Dombivali. She visited the van for treating swollen lymph nodes near to lips. The doctor realized while taking her history that she consumes tobacco He provided the medication with referral slips and referred her to the Manav Kalyan Kendra Trust Hospital. The hospital suspected cancer referred her to the Tata Memorial Hospital for a follow up check up.

A lymph node biopsy was carried out at Tata Memorial Hospital and a positive result for Cancer. She was given Chemotherapy to shrink the tumor at the Samartha Private Hospital in Dombivali. The Community Organizer continuously followed up with her and family. After the treatment, she visited the van and thanked the doctor and the Community Organizer for their support.

She said, "Apne muze sahijahijagahbheja treatment keliye, isliyemerajaldiilazhua, nahi to mai mar jatithi."

She has now stopped consuming Tobacco.

Role Model

Manju and Suresh (name changed), aged 28 and 35 respectively, live in adivasi village hamlet near Titwala. The couple has 3 children (including a boy and 2 daughters). Manju visited the van for the treatment of body pain and weakness along with her husband. Both the husband and wife did not ever use a method of family planning in their married life because of lack of awareness, knowledge and myths and misconception. Manju has undergone 4 abortions and was suffering from fatigue and anemia.

The Community Organizer involved them to participate in the group session on family planningat the van. Suresh participated very actively and clarified his myths and misconception about the male sterilization and other methods of family planning. She also motivated and counseled for his sterilization as his wife is too weak and anemic todotubectomy and referred him to the Manav Kalyan Trust, Dombivali.

The Community Organizer did continuous follow up and encouraged to consider sterilization. He agreed and underwent the procedure at Sion Hospital.

After his sterilization, he revisited the van and thanked the Community Organizer.

He said,"Mere aurat ke 4 abortion hone se kamjor who ho gaithi, apne muze sahi jankari dekar muze acche se samjaya, isliye maine khudka operation karke liya, abhi hum dono tension free ho gaye".