Our Work

Maternal & Newborn Health

Maternal and Newborn Health is a program designed to influence the government to provide better services for mothers and babies in slum communities.. This programme also works with women in the community to ensure they access health care.

It partners with the public health system to strengthen primary health care and to establish a city wide referral system for pregnant mothers across health posts, maternity homes, small and large hospitals, in order to ensure survival of both mother and baby.

Prevention of Violence Against Women & Children

Prevention of Violence against Women and Children aims to provide services through crisis intervention and counselling to women and children facing violence in their immediate environment. This programme also works with those who face problems due to their sexual orientation, their disability and their occupation.

The Programme achieves this by working with slum communities forming empowered women's groups. We also collaborate and network with the police and the legal system to prevent, report and address violence

Child Health & Nutrition

The Program aims to reduce malnutrition in children in Mumbai's slums. This model follows the cycle of prevention, early identification and treatment by improving feeding practices of young children amongst mothers and establishing Day Care Centres where severely malnourished children are treated.

It partners with the existing Govt Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) that runs Anganwadis which addresses malnutrition in children under 6 years.

Empowerment, Health & Sexuality of Adolescents (EHSAS)

The Sexual and Reproductive Health program aims to empower adolescent girls and married women in urban slums with the right information and skills that enable them to make informed decisions about their health and in particular their sexual and reproductive health and their family size.

The Adolescents Gaining Ground project works to orient adolescents to become self - confident, well - informed and responsible decision makers of their general health especially their sexual and reproductive health and to create advocates in the community.

The Family planning Program works with married women to help reduce unplanned pregnancies and also works to increase the uptake of modern methods of contraception. This is done through peer educators in the community.

SNEHA Centre

SNEHA Centre is an integrated model of all the four programmes, i.e. MNH, PVWC SRH, CHN to address the health of family esp. women and children in vulnerable slum communities in Mumbai starting with M –East.

It networks with NGOs and liaises with Service providers such as Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Police, and Integrated Child Development Scheme.

SNEHA Centre functions at the community level through group meetings with various target groups, events and campaigns, and at individual level through home visits.

Sneha Shakti

SNEHA Shakti is a bouquet of services for different demographics. SNEHA Shakti imparts vocational skills to adolescent girls (Nurse - Aide project), holistic healthcare to senior citizens, Out Patient Department (OPD) facilities, facilitating cardiac care for children under 12 years (Heart to Heart project).

Stories of Change

Razia (name changed) is a resident of the Dhorwada community in Dharavi. Her story began in 2003 when she married Santosh. Santosh, who had gone to the extent of converting to Islam in order to marry Razia...

Capacity Building

To build capacities across program staff at SNEHA in order to promote excellence as also to facilitate employee engagement and to embed the culture and values of SNEHA across the organization; also to be recognised as a training resource by the external world.