Stories of Change


Shared responsibility

Banu, an AAHAR community organizer, saw a crowd gathered in front of Madhavi’s house during community screening of all 0-3 children. Banu learnt that Madhavi was suffering from severe diarrhoea and had reached a critical stage. Hurriedly she called her reporting Program Officer and briefed her about the matter.

Madhavi is a 6 months old child born after 3 years of her parents’ marriage. Her weight was only 4.7 kg. Married at the age of 17 and being a housewife, Madhavi’s mother knew little  about child caring and hygiene practices. She tried breastfeeding her baby but failed due to inverted nipples, with no one to guide her, she stopped Breastfeeding Madhavi and started bottle feeding her. Bhanu convinced Madhavi’s parents to bring her to Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital LTMG hospital and with the PO’s help had Madhavi admitted in the emergency ward. Carefully monitored Treatment, stringent follow up and post –discharge guidance  has led to Madhavi’s weight rising to 5.115kg.

“ Tumchya mule mala majhi mulgi parat milali, kalat nahi kase tumche aabhar maanu” .
“You saved my child. I don’t know how I and my family should thank you”

said her mother.