Stories of Change


Timely Care Saves The Life Of Two

Sunanda, 23 years old, pregnant with her firstchild is a new resident in Khambhalpada Communityof Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation (KDMC). Savita Pawar, Community Organizer (CO) with SNEHA identified her in her8th month of pregnancy during her routinesurveillance visit.

Savita found that Sunanda’sfeet and hands were swollen and even her facelooked extremely pale. After providing herInformation about antenatal care, danger signsand understanding on Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness, she advised Sunandato visit Shastrinagar hospital.

Sunanda was resistant going there as she was seekingtreatment from an Ayurvedic doctor. Savita worked hard convincing Sunanda and herhusband to go and visit Shastrinagar hospital.

Finally, Sunanda visited the hospital. Medicalofficer there found Sunanda’s condition very critical and admitted her for four days.Shastrinagar hospital referred her case to Sion hospital. Sunanda was again hesitant going tohospital for further management of her case. Savita provided counseling to Sunandaregarding complying with referral process. Sunanda delivered in Sion hospital safelythrough cesarean section. Baby weight was very   low. Newborn had neonatal jaundice as well.  Medical officer at Sion hospital treated Both the mother and newborn with care and now both are out of danger. A vigilant Savita’s timely and appropriate help in providingantenatal care service and advice had saved the life of two.