Stories of Change


Battling Opposition for A New Tomorrow

Nazma is 18 years old. She is a Hindu, married to a Muslim man. They fell in love, but due to parents opposition ran away and got married at an early age. They came to Mumbai one year back and were staying in Dharavi. When her parents came searching for them, they left Dharavi and got settled in Shivaji Nagar.  During this period, Nazma got pregnant and delivered the baby in the 7th month of pregnancy. Baby weighed 1 kg and 30 gms and was kept in an incubator in Sion Hospital for three weeks. At the time of discharge, baby weighed 1 kg and 600 gms. With regular medical check ups by MO and Pediatrician, counseling and follow ups by Community Organiser  and care taken by parents the baby is now weighing a modest 2kgs and 135 gms.