Stories of Change


The Power to Nourish

Manisha is a member of our Aahaar Women's Group #5. She has an effervescent personality and an endless level of energy. Manisha makes a meager living by selling brooms and utensils and lives in the Kunchikorve Society with her husband, mother-in-law and an 8-month old son. Because of pressure from her mother-in-law, Manisha continued to exclusively breastfeed her baby despite her demanding work schedule.

This not only put a stress on Manisha physically, but also compromised the nutritional needs of the baby. After attending one of our educational classes focusing on food and nutrition, Manisha recognized the importance of adding complementary feeds to the baby’s diet. Despite strong opposition from both her mother-in-law and husband, she insisted upon providing the child with complementary feeds in addition to breast milk.

Manisha now takes her baby boy with her to work. With her new found knowledge on nutrition, she feeds the child every 3 hours with foods like khichadi (rice) and other semi-solid foods. Manisha is confident and happy in her ability to keep her son healthy and well-fed.