Stories of Change


A Voice From A Client

Anamika came to the SNEHA crisis centre in April 2011 brutally beaten up seeking redress and medical help for the domestic violence being inflicted upon her and her 3 school going daughters by her alcoholic husband. We got her treated her at Sion hospital.Her husband Raja wouldn't cooperate with any kind of counseling intervention. Anamika and her children had recourse at her father's home but it was difficult him to support them since he was a daily wage labourer. The situation called for legal intervention, so SNEHA (a recognized service provider) filed a case under the PWDV Act in Thane court with some difficulty since the case was the first of its kind to be filed by a service provider. After the first date of hearing Raja approached us asking to reconcile. Knowing his attitude we agreed on the consent terms but insisted that the same be decreed by the court for legal sanction. Raja agreed and signed the consent terms. On SNEHA's persuasion both the parties met at court on a given date date and a court settlement was via in August 2011. Anamika says "I was hesitant to approach SNEHA but I think I took the right decision. Today I am having a rightful existence in my house. I don't get humiliated".