Stories of Change


Better Safe Than Sorry

Avneet, a 12 yr old resident of Rama Bai Colony, Ghatkopar visited the local doctor with his father for a general ailment. While awaiting his turn, he saw the doctor giving an injection to one of the other patients. The doctor subsequently kept the same syringe and needle back in its plastic case for reuse. Avneet had attended SNEHA's sessions on HIV/AIDS where he was told that the syringe has to be disposed after one use. Avneet felt it was his reponsibility to share his knowledge with the patient and make him aware of the risks. He advised him to carefully ensure that the doctor opened a new syringe and needle each time and that it was his right as a patient to demand one. The patient acted on this advice and asked the doctor for the old syringe and needle and disposed off them himself in the dustbin. Later, Avneet shared this story with his group and facilitator and told them how the right information helped him save a person from a very risky situation.