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Apr 12 2022 / Posted in Health

By Dr. Supriya Samjiskar (Nurse Aide Programme)

This is the slogan with which SNEHA launched the campaign against the consumption of junk food on the occasion of World Health Day on April 7, 2022. It takes courage to challenge the status quo and attempt to bring behavioural change in the communities that we serve. It is not that we do not know the importance of consuming healthy food; but the easy availability of preservative-rich, packaged foods makes them the preferred choice.

Our Nurse Aide programme has never believed in short-cuts. We began by introducing healthy food at regular meetings like the Graduation Day, Parent-Teacher Meetings etc. Initially, we would run short of dishes on the menu, but the transition from samosas to khakra and cakes to peanut chikki was accepted and has become a tradition. This has also extended into the daily routine of the Nurse Aide students. We insist on healthy tiffin instead of Vada Pav or Kurkure.

Food is one of the most important tools to live well and long. Yes, a healthy diet prevents diseases but it is not just the physical health that we are looking at when we prioritise nutritious food. Many pieces of research show that food choices have the capacity to improve mental health as well.

In today’s fast-paced life, the big question is how do we maintain healthy eating habits?

Here are a few things I follow that have helped me include nutrition in my diet:

1. Prepare your daily or weekly meal plan early

2. Keep it simple and try to include more home-cooked food

3. Understand your hunger timings and plan for the intervals. For example, 5 pm healthy snack

4. Focus on the positives -- what can you eat which is healthy and nutritious rather than what you should not eat

5. And the last but very important is to eat better, NOT less