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A Day as Consul General of Canada…..

Oct 16 2018 / Posted in Adolescence

by Shimpi Paswan

This journey began with an unbelievable thought of being selected as Consul General of Canada on International Girl Day, 2018.  The day was marked with the best feeling in the beginning with the arrival of car specifically to pick me. After that, arrival was made to office and then multiple attempts were made to ensure that I was comfortable with everything. Like I had issues with adjustment in my shoes, a new pair of shoes were bought and given without any thing as I was the Boss of the day. This moment ensured their support and comfort completely to me.  It was followed by the visit in her cabin, where I was requested to sit on her chair, and she was guiding me throughout. It became more special when I received a call to check that I am ready for meeting, this feeling was really amazing. I was glad and stunned to see the security of office, like something like this ever existed.

The most touching moment of the day was the introduction round with the whole office members. Sharing my experience and then listening their roles was very good, especially when they mentioned that if I need any help today, I can contact any of them. This moment became quite overwhelming when marked with a certificate and applause on my speech which was on spot. It was followed by an office tour, included different departments and their roles.

Another meeting was followed with senior dignitaries of TATA Group; it included sharing of experience of each other. Some of their words which got stick to my mind was, “No work in life is small or big, Irrespective of any difficulty, we should never give up”. I was given a box which had cards with my name written on it. This moment was so overwhelming that I was not able to believe that it’s my card. Then an exchange of gifts and cards was done, which was a very special moment. One of the dignitaries of TATA group said that, “ I will keep your card very safely and will show to younger daughter”.

Another overwhelming event of day was on lunch table, where I was asked to choose first about what I want to eat. This was followed by the visit to Mumbai Press Club. This gathering has left certain impacts on my thoughts. Firstly, I was asked question where I was nervous but then with the moment it got dissolved, I also started engaging with questioning and discussion.  Secondly their experiences were quite surprising to me, like one of them didn’t do any study of journalism and was still in this field with such good work. Thirdly and most impactful, when one of them suggested me that “don’t restrict your thinking and dreams, make them big like don’t stop with computer class and a job similar to it, make your aims bigger”. This really touched me and then I thought I will explore more courses with banking and will keep doing different courses.

I had the best feeling, when I was also thanked that because of me such experiential session could happen and was gifted a very special memorandum that is their 50th anniversary Cup. I was very happy with the comfortable and an experiential space, like my drinks and snacks all were taken care in a best way. One of the best moments was when one of the journalist said, that “I will keep your card in my personal collection and will like to see you with your own card in next 4-5 years”.

The most overwhelming and the memorable moment of the day was the entry for the evening program, organized by SNEHA, DMVM and UNFPA. That will never go away from me, as everyone in hall gave standing ovation with a loud clapping. It was followed by a warm welcome where I was given gift like a small plant and diyas and especially it was given by one of the girls of my community. This was a very special moment as I have always been on other side of the stage and just clapped for teachers giving it to guests. But this time it was me receiving it. This function was one of the best functions of life, where my college teacher and parents were present and were feeling proud of it. When I gave my name card to my dad, he was super happy. The functioned was quite meaningful, especially the plays where I could resonate very well with my daily thoughts.

Then it was followed by the visit to the Central Railway Commission Center, where I never imagined going inside. I have always imagined seeing it from outside.  But we went inside. A small visit to all the departments was made. Then it was followed by the picture and selfie with Victoria Terminus Building.

The days ended but gave very prominent learnings for life, firstly learned the value of punctuality and secondly respect each human irrespective of their post or work. I also learned the value and importance of grassroots of the success. As mentioned by TATA dignitaries, that they always keep in mind the values of Ratan Tata and keep working with it in every step.  Also a learning which stuck and will be with me always is that there is no difference in gender in reference to work life. One of the female dignitaries of TATA group mentioned that in terms work load and responsibilities at office there is no difference. I could sense this responsibility in the whole day as Consul General of Canada. While looking at work of Tara Scheurwater, acting consul general of Canada I was overwhelmed with her work and its importance.  This day was beyond my dreams and imagination and will now like to grow beyond my thoughts and explore life in a very meaningful way.