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Working at SNEHA: A life changing stint

Jul 31 2018 / Posted in Women

By Dr. Harvinder Palaha

‘If you walk alone you walk fast, But if you walk together you walk far’

This is the mantra of SNEHA.

Having quit my demanding professional world, I was immediately and wholeheartedly welcomed into the SNEHA-fold.  Working with Sneha and for Sneha has been life-changing for me- I have visited  places which I never knew existed, viz., Bhiwandi, Airoli, Titwala etc. Site visits to slums of Wadala, Dharavi, Mankhurd have been an eye-opener. I am finally able to get my bearings and can understand a bit about what SNEHA mission and vision translates into, on the ground.

SNEHA is like a large family where each and every member has a special role. There are goals, targets, processes and monitoring. Every program is a well thought out strategy for betterment of society and the underprivileged community. Sound planning is supported by sound implementation and backed by monitoring and evaluation with detailed data collection.

SNEHA reminds me of a well- organized ship-complicated but majestic nontheless.

Efficiency and accountability are SNEHA's buzz words. This ship is superbly supported by key departments, viz, Finance, HR, Fundraising, Strategy, Admin, IT and of course runs on the fuel of its flagship programs, viz., Prevention of Violence Against Women and Children(PVWC), Empowerment, Health and Sexuality of Adolescents (EHSAS), AAHAR, Mother and Newborn Health (MNH), Sneha Centres and Healthy Cities Project.

Each program a milestone in itself. There is so much to understand, so much to imbibe. At times I feel lost. I don’t know where I am going.. but I am on my way!

Dr Harvinder Palaha is currently Program Director, Maternal & Newborn Health Program

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