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An occasion to appreciate and acknowledge

Jan 23 2018 / Posted in Child nutrition


An opportunity to lean about daughter's work.

Our staff often work in challenging environments and in trying circumstances. Monsoons, peak summer heat waves, floods are hardly easy to navigate in the informal settlements of Mumbai. Many of our field workers- whom we call Community Organisers , often hail from the same community as the ones they work in, attempting to bring about tangible change in maternal and child health indicators. Several of them have very inspiring stories of navigating personal and familial challenges and do incredibly well against all odds. Amidst this background and to recognise the families of our staff, who have tirelessly supported their work at SNEHA, our Child Health and Nutrition program, organised a Family Day event. Held on 7th January, at Dadar, the event brought together all our staff and their family members on a single platform, to appreciate and felicitate their contribution and support towards the work we do at SNEHA. The Program Leadership took time out in the event, to explain SNEHA's purpose as well as how the AAHAR program worked and what its impact has been.


My mom is the best


One of our staff embraces her mother-in-law

The event evoked incredible enthusiasm and warm support amidst the gathered family members. ' I used to be embarrassed that my sister's work was in the slums of Mumbai, but this event has made me realise the powerful work my sister and SNEHA are doing. I'm proud of my sister and I will fully support all her endeavours,' said a sister of one of our Program Officers. The event also gave the families an opportunity to get to know each other and interact meaningfully with one another.